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All the articles published in the Scientific Journal are reviewed. The reviewing procedure of the articles in the Scientific Journal published by the Polish Air Force Academy is in accordance with the Communication of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 29th May 2013 regarding criteria and an assessment of scientific journals.

The submitted articles to the Editorial Office of the Scientific Journal of the Polish Air Force Academy are put under a formal assessment by members of the Editorial Board and are qualified to further substantial reviews. The articles subsequently are reviewed by independent reviewers who hold a scientific title or an academic degree in a particular field of science or they have a reputation of being an honest reviewer.
In case of a refusal regarding preparing a review by the nominated reviewer, the Editorial Board may point out other reviewer. As regards contradictory cases, other reviewers are pleaded. Opinions of all reviewers are respected accordingly. The review has a written form (Review Form) and it does contain a conclusion indicating an article acceptance for publication or its rejection. Author (Authors) receives information on the conducted review and has got the possibility of getting acquainted with it. Then, the correspondence between an author and the Editorial Office regarding possible remarks on the article takes place accordingly.

Reviewers are not allowed to use knowledge included in the article before the article is published.

A list of reviewers is published to the public on the website of the journal once per year.