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Articles for publication in the Scientific Journal – Polish Air Force Academy (Zeszyty Naukowe – Wyższa Szkoła Oficerska Sił Powietrznych) should be submitted in an electronic version in docx. file and pdf. file, also in a paper version (with maintaining rules of publication).

Editorial Office of the journal requires from an author (authors) submitting a statement confirming that the article has been never published, it does not affect any existing licence rights or copyrights, and it is an original work, while the Polish Air Force Academy has an exclusive right for its publication.

Editorial Office of the Polish Air Force Academy is making efforts on implementing the procedure preventing from the issue of “ghostwriting”, which is a manifestation of scientific mis-conduct. Any detected cases of violation of existing ethical principles in science will be documented and unmasked, including informing relevant authorities/bodies (institutions employ-ing authors, scientific associations, etc.). In case of articles written in co-authorship, the Edi-torial Office requires from reviewers revealing contribution of particular authors to the crea-tion of the publication.

Authors receive a one free copy of the journal including the printed article.

to the Scientific Journal – Polish Air Force Academy
(Zeszyty Naukowe – Wyższa Szkoła Oficerska Sił Powietrznych)

1. Editorial Office of the Scientific Journal – Polish Air Force Academy accepts for publication articles within an area of knowledge, fields of science and scientific disciplines in accordance with conducted courses of studies and research by the Academy, also with the areas indicated in the Regulation of the Scientific Journal – Polish Air Force Academy.

2. Articles cannot be published in other publishing houses without permission of the Publisher.

3. Articles published in the journal reflect personal views of authors on the issues discussed.

4. An article cannot exceed one publishing sheet (approximately 22 pages of normalized text – containing about 30 lines of the text itself)

5. An article should be sent to the Editorial Office in a paper version (single-side print) and in an electronic version (.docx file and pdf. file formats).
Preparation of the article:
Size/format A4, justified text, font: Times New Roman CE 12 pt. line spacing of 1,5 pt., margins: – top, bottom, left and right – 2,5 cm, continuous page numbering through the whole article (center, bottom of the page).

6. An article should use bottom footnotes with continuous numbering.

7. Bibliography – on the basis of the footnotes included in the article.

8. Articles submitted to the Editorial Office should have the following layout:

  • first name and surname of an author (authors), a military rank, an academic title (degree);
  • name of the represented institution;
  • position held;
  • title of an article;
  • abstract (containing 700 - 1200 characters with spaces) – a short description of the article (topic, aim, problem undertaken, main conclusions and scientific achievements) in the language in which the article was written and also in English. Abstract cannot replace an introduction to the article.
  • keywords (5 words or expressions) in a language in which the article was written and in English,
  • appropriate content (possibly divided into parts with headings).

9. The submitted article should enclose personal details: name and surname, correspondence address, contact telephone number, e-mail address.

10. All articles are reviewed (in accordance with an established reviewing procedure).

11. Author does not receive any fee for the published article.

12. Editorial Office does not return submitted materials and it does not inform about reasons for article rejection for publishing.